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ARROW ARWC-230NS Series Check Weigher

 ARROW ARWC-230NS Series Check Weigher
ARROW ARWC-230NS Series Check Weigher
ARROW ARWC-230NS Series Check Weigher - Tourch Screen
ARROW ARWC-230NS Series Check Weigher - Rejector Options
ARROW ARWC-230NS Series Check Weigher - Conveyor Direction
Water Proof - Weigh & Display All Day.

ARWC-160HS Series Check Weigher.

Purpose: -
Automatic Online Weighing, Packing and Checking for Quality Control.

Features: -
Strong Stainless Steel Structure.
Water-Proof Design.
High Accuracy Load Cell.
Automatic Weighing Compensation and Zero Tracking.
100 Products Preset; East to Edit and Recall.
Quick Product Shift and Speed Recall.
2,000 Sorting Records.
Printer Output Ready.
Touch Screen.
User Friendly Operation and Interface.

Specification: -
Model:   ARWC-230NS
Measurement:   Strain Guage
Rejection System:   Air Jet / Flipper / Falling Drop
Operation:   Touch Screen
Alarm:   Buzzer and Lamp
Belt Width:   230mm
Belt Speed:   31 ~ 70m/min
Power Supply:   220VAC, 50~60Hz
Rated Output:   Approx. 200W
Dimension:   1,468mm(L) * 558mm(W) * 1285+-35mm(H)
Weight:   Aproox. 100kg

Sensitivity: -
Weighing Range     Accuracy     Min. Scale     Sorting Speed
7g ~ 99g                  +-0.5g            0.1g             70bags/min
100g ~ 199g            +-0.5g            0.1g             60bags/min
200g ~ 399g            +-0.5g            0.1g             50bags/min
400g ~ 999g            +-1.0g            0.1g             40bags/min


Specification Are Subject To Change For Improvement Without Prior Notices.