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DICKSON DHS Series Hanging Scale.

 DICKSON DHS Series Hanging Scale
DICKSON DHS Series Hanging Scale
DICKSON DHS Series Hanging Scale.

DHS Series


-  Housing is of tempered aluminium die casting (DHS-10)
-  Acrylic transparent cover is used for protecting dial.
-  Heavy duty stainless steel hanging hook; firm & durable construre.
-  Large scale dial 10inches (DHS-10).

Model Capacity

DHS 6-005

DHS 6-010

DHS 6-025

DHS 6-050

DHS 6-100

5 kg x 20 g

10 kg x 50 g

25 kg x 100 g

50 kg x 200 g

100 kg x 500 g

DHS 10-025

DHS 10-050

DHS 10-100

DHS 10-150

DHS 10-200

25 kg x 100 g

50 kg x 100 g

100 kg x 250 g

150 kg x 500 g

200 kg x 500 g